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Aug 22, 2017, 02:35 am Last Edit: Aug 22, 2017, 02:38 am by jremington
Given that people tend to misjudge air temperature when in the sun, due to radiation absorbed by the skin and clothing, I was skeptical of claims that the air temperature drops by 10 degrees F during a total eclipse of the sun (in that antiquated system of measurement used in the U.S.) .

I measured it during the eclipse in Brownsville, Oregon, USA, using a type K thermocouple and a calibrated HH506RA (Omega) to record shade temperature. The claims are correct! See attached.

Some of the measurement variation seems to be due to air currents, presumably bringing in air masses of different temperatures.

Totality was at about 10:21 AM


Yes, its typical for eclipse virgins to shiver in the cold...  I did in 1999 when last total eclipse hit the UK.
Thermals die out leading to cumulus clouds to disolve into rafia-like shreds, I noticed.  There was too much
cloud that day alas, but that means you can see the shadow zooming away after totality at 1000mph or so
without needing to be on a mountaintop.
And the other unexpected phenomenon is man-made:  auto-flash on camera and phones leads to mass
twinkling from the crowds observing!
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