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I am using SIM808 (adafruit version) with arduino pro mini 3,3V/8MHz + adxl345.

I have managed successfully to add DTR pin to wire and now I am able to successfully put SIM808 to sleep with this procedure:
Code: [Select]
void fonaSleep() {
  digitalWrite(fonaDTR, HIGH); //dtr high
  delay (250);
  fonaSS.println("AT+CFUN = 1");
  fonaSS.println("AT+CSCLK = 1");
  if (fona.checkAwake()) Serial.println ("FONA: Awake"); else Serial.println ("FONA: Sleeping");

and wake up like that:
Code: [Select]
void fonaWakeUp() {
  //  Serial.println ("fona awake");
  digitalWrite(fonaDTR, LOW); //dtr low
  delay (500);
  fonaSS.println("AT + CSCLK = 0");
  if (fona.checkAwake()) Serial.println ("TEST_IS: Awake"); else Serial.println ("TEST_IS: Sleeping");

and there is no problem.
I have a passive antenna.
I am putting arduino itself to sleep too.

Events that can wake up the device:
- ADXL interrupt sent to arduino - wakes up the arduino
- SMS / CALL / DTR low - Wake up SIM808 and generate interrupt
- SIM808 interrupt from above point wakes up arduino

and now I am thinking...
Why do I have 20mA of power usage while sleeping - while working it's between 40-120mA.
As my system works only sometimes power usage does not concern me. But during the sleep period I would expect more like 2-5mA of usage (I even removed almost all leds).
Is there something I did wrong with my sleep process?

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