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A successful strategy to handle our human imperfections is to use a 'process'.

Well, I have a process that says that I do documentation. I just don't follow it, unless there is nothing else to do...
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


Then the process is probably:
- irrelevant - it doesn't matter if it isn't followed, so just throw it away
- inadequate - it is not sufficient to assure the right outcome
- too difficult - the user needs some training or tools to use the process
- impractical or too demanding - the user needs some help/support
- under recognised/rewarded - the users 'pain' is too great
- just plain wrong

Lots of business processes are like this. Great process design improves the human issues and reduces the burdens.

I give myself a reward, like a some high-quality chocolate, and a really good coffee, to help me along. I also try to schedule it for a specific time, so I know exactly what I should be doing.

I think the Arduino team has been conscientious about being accurate and complete in the Release Notes, so I would use that to announce deprecated or obsolete libraries/language, and maybe build out a little bit from their.

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