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I've had experience writing computer programs (Java, FORTRAN, MATLAB), but have never done anything related to hardware programming.

I thought I would ease into simple hardware programming by using Arduino. However, I find the IDE absolutely horrible.

1. No line numbers
2. No mass commenting
3. No mass indenting
4. Error messages don't tell you much about what's wrong with the code (or where the error is since you don't have line numbers)

Maybe I've been spoiled writing in other languages, but programming in the Arduino IDE is so slow/unproductive. Is there some other IDE I can use or text editor + uploading-to-the-board software that I can use to replace the Arduino IDE?

Preferably, it should also be able to access the Arduino library and convert from Processing to C.


Josh, check the IDE again man.
  • Line number is displayed in bottom left
  • Ctrl-/ gives you comment. Highlight multiple lines first for mass commenting (See Edit menu)
  • Ctrl-[ gives you indent. Ctrl-] gives you outdent. Again, select multiple lines for mass-
  • Error messages don't tell you much, that's true. Welcome to C/C++.
I actually enjoy the simplicity of the IDE. I write OO multi-file projects (10+ files) in it all the time and enjoy it. I certainly don't feel the need to use Eclipse or Visual Studio to do what, for me, is "simple" coding.

Have another look at the menus. If you're not up to date on the IDE, you might need a download too.

Happy coding! :)


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1) Who uses line numbers? This isn't BASIC.
2)Mass commenting? Do you mean 'mass commenting-out'? That's what '#if 0' is there for.
3) Not sure what mass indenting is, but there's always auto-format to get you a good way there.
4) C gives you so much freedom, it is sometimes difficult for the compiler to pinpoint exactly where it went wrong, but it usually manages quite well.
Besides, it's all free - quit whining.


Jan 18, 2011, 04:16 pm Last Edit: Jan 18, 2011, 04:16 pm by robtillaart Reason: 1
Who uses line numbers? This isn't BASIC.

The compiler does in its messages :)  indeed that's not basic that's advanced ;)

That said, if you don't like the IDE you can use an external editor if you like. File menu > preferences > Second tick box

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The compiler doesn't give me any messages  ,-)


The compiler doesn't give me any messages  ,-)

I consider it a very good thing when the compiler DOESN'T give me any messages.  ;D



I've been using Netbeans for a while now, apart from quick 5-line test progs I'll never use the IDE again.


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