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not sure if this is the right category...for this...but.

Yesterday, Tom Igoe was demonstrating Arduino for ITP, and he mixed up Wiring, and Arduino accidentally pasting some Wiring code into Arduino...In response to that, I decided to throw together a quick "skin" for Arduino. Basically its the same, but I made it have a nice blueish tint to match with the icon.

here are the links:
(strangely...at least in the preview of this message...if you click one of the following links it say file not found 404...but if you reload that page...suddenly it shows up...??? )

screen shot:

the preferences file:

the icons file:

if you just place the "icon" images in the Arduino/lib folder
replacing the ones there, and the prefences.txt in the
Users/yourusername/library/Arduino folder, you should be all set.

I have never tested this on the pc...but I bet its not
that different...

Have fun!
Maybe someone can make this official? I don't know the process for submitting something to the development team...



exactly what we needed :)

I'll add it to the application and if you email me your name I'll add you to the credits!



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