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Every variant on autorouter stops at 96.4% and leaves these same pins unconnected (see attached). I can manually route them with no problem. I updated the package so I wonder if I have something wrong with the pin. How can I get the autorouter to finish?


How did you update which package?  What are your autorouting parameters set to?  If you manually route the signal, does a DRC show an error?


I had some "Dimension" DRC errors (without routing) because I'm trying to cut slots in the middle of the pads. I set the DRC dimension distance rule to zero so those errors are gone. Note that the same kind of pad/slot at the bottom gets routed to the ground plane.

Manually routing does not generate new DRC errors.

I set the autorouting grid manually to 5mil but the same thing happens with it on "auto".

The package is one I added to an audio jack part that I found. My previous version of it worked but the slot was just three holes.


This is not the Eagle support forum! This is an Arduino forum! Why do you think you would get a better answer here than at the developers site?
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I'm trying to cut slots in the middle of the pads.
Well, there you go.  the autorouter will not route traces across objects in the Dimension layer.  Ever.
You'll have to either route those traces manually, or draw the slots in some other layer that you output to the dimension layer at geber generation (CAM) time.


Thanks! That was the problem. I moved the slots to the milling layer and all is well.

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