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Hi SigFox users,
how is it with the external antenna? Do I have to connect it, or is it optional?

From other boards I know, that they might break if the antenna is not connected. So I connected the antenna on my SigFox board. Nevertheless I do not get a connection to the network. I will try it on other locations at a higher elevation in the next days.

When the external antenna is connected, do I have to specifiy this somewhere in the code (some other boards need a define).

I find the SigFox connectivity very interesting but the documentation on the Arduino site lets you find out some stuff on your own :-/ e.g. installation of the required libraries.


Let me rephrase my question:
Do you have the external antenna connected or not?


There is no internal antenna.

So, yes you have to have aerial connected to MKRFOX1200 board.


It doesn't send any data to backend without having an external antenna.


You will damage the board without antenna, or with an untuned antenna : The wave in this case will bounce without being able to go out.
See "SWR" (Stationary Wave Rate) phenomenon.

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