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Using same fonctions audios in /out for 4 radios we need to patch the audio functions 1 with another one. or three or four all together.
Mostly existing functions we can catch in radios are :
RX audio Ana.Out
TX audio Ana. In
COR in
PTT input Dig.Ground.

Question :
1/what will be the best board to use for this application?
2/ can we crosspatch manualy or/& also can be made automaticly when we select 2 or 3 or 4 radios?
3/ there is a possible remote control panel?
4/ any one has any experienec in this app?

Let me know


1.) What is "crosspatching"?

2.) What do you want the Arduino to do?
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Why not ask your radio support people?



No doubt the original post makes sense to someone, maybe.
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