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  Ubuntu 14.02 (akk mnt applied).
  Dell Inspiron laptop
  UNO Latest (bought 2 days ago on Amazon)
  Arduino Editor 1.8.4

I have added my userid to the "Dialout" group; logged out and in.

It appears that the UNO has been detected by my system
and assigned /dev/ttyAMC0.

When I use the editor and try to obtain a connection
I get a request for a "port". I have seen several
messages referring to "http..../Linux/All#Permission"
When I try to access I receive "404 page not found".


Comment: The documentation organization is very poor. Spent several hours trying and using the
wrong documentation procedure. Still not working.  Windows documentation does not work for me.
And neither does the Linux doc help very much. Tried apt-get -- wrong version, etc..


Any specific suggestions for improving the documentation are welcome. I guess this is the best forum section for it:


I can sympathise
I too have a Dell which refused to boot Vista. With nothing to lose, I installed Ubuntu 12 and Arduino 1.0.1
Everything worked from day one without any intervention (groups, dialout etc.).
I have just put together an Ubuntu PC using an old Asus motherboard and an i7 CPU etc..
Installing Ubuntu 16 LTS from a USB stick was fraught to say the least. It would get halfway through the name, location stuff then crash. Eventually, I traced that back to a poor memory (DIMM) stick.
The only change I made at the BIOS level was to  change partial USB support to full. despite knowing very little about Linux and its file structures, I have added support for ATtiny *5 etc. and a load of libraries copied over from the Win 10 PC which I have to say, has always worked well with Arduino.
Both setups work well with Arduino Uno, obviously selecting Uno and dev/tty/ACM* in the Tools menu. I will test the Mega 2560 when I can find it.
Leonardo is a whole different kettle of fish. So far, trying a lot of changes, nothing has worked. I am pinning my hopes on Modem Manager and its deletion/disable to allow the Leonardo to accept uploads. The clue was in one of the error messages, something along the lines, "is not a modem".
There is documentation out there including Arduino Learning Getting started which does cover some of the Linux upload problems. I also found one reference to the Leonardo problem on the Freetronics site, but I have yet to make the changes in Ubuntu.
Stackoverflow and the Ubuntu Forum cover many port problems (none relevant to me) and remember that other USB devices have comms problems and Arduino is just one of many, so you may have to widen your search
What it is not, is a Windows Plug and Play setup.
I'll let you know if any progress is made

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