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Hello everyone

I´m trying to run a step motor with my Arduino Mega and EasyDriver V44 A3967.
I did my best but I can´t make it turn.
Can you guys please give me hand ?

Motor specs:

2 phases
4 wires
step angle 18 degrees
Driving Voltage: DC 4-9V/500mA

to test it and identify the coils I measured the resistency among the wires and it´s 20 Ohm.
I also plugged a Led and when I turn the shaft by hand it blinks.
so I assume the motor is working.

To drive it Im using V44 A3967 (Easy Driver).

to power the motor I´m using 4 AA 1.5 v batteries.
Total 6 v connected to EasyDriver power in and the Easydriver red led turns on.

When I run my code the motor does like one step and gets suck.
If I unplug the motor I can turn the shaft by hand but once it connected in my driver running the code I can´t turn the shaft.

Is my 6v enough to power this motor ?

Here is my simple code:

// Easy driver pins declaration

int pin_step =3;   
int pin_dir =2;

int steps_motor =20;   //I assume 20 steps for one revolution 360/ 18deg because motor step angle=18   

void setup()
  // Define pins as output
  pinMode(pin_step, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(pin_dir, OUTPUT);

  digitalWrite(pin_step, LOW);
  digitalWrite(pin_dir, HIGH);   //define direction

void loop()
  for (int p=0 ; p < steps_motor; p++)
   digitalWrite(pin_step, HIGH);
   delay (5);
   digitalWrite(pin_step, LOW);
   delay (5);

Here is the motor link:


Thanks in advance
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Is my 6v enough to power this motor ?
Yes. The current that the 4 batteries output may be nowhere near enough, though. In general, stepper motors are not powered by batteries.

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Steppers don't have a voltage rating, so that's a 0.5A stepper of unknown winding resistance.  Perhaps
you should measure the winding resistance.  Then we can figure out the minimum usable supply voltage.
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