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No new topic but anyway.  I had been using the cloud ide on a Windows 7 PC via the chrome browser and this morning the system will not connect to any of the Uno boards I have.  I also have an Acer Chrome book so plugged the set-up into that and went to the ide.  I signed up for the 99c payment, there was a download and all seemed well but once in the ide, the same problem seems to exist with the connection to the Uno unable to make.  On both computers the device exists on a port but the ide won't connect to it.

Only unusual event was last night I plugged one of my systems into the "virgin" chrome book USB3 port to power the Uno and demonstrate the s/w running.  I just used its USB port for power. This morning I swapped back to the PC in the ide and none of the boards connect.

Can I have my 99c back please...


we had an outage on the server that hosts all the cores (both for the online ide and the chrome os), that why you were not able to see your boards.

This has been resolved around an hour ago, so please try again! You might want to refresh the page or empty your cache if the problem still happens.

Sorry for this inconvenience, thanks for your understanding

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