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This project is aimed at building a temperature remote monitoring system.

Up to now, remote sites boxes gathering temperature over RF remote temp sensors (both Oregon Scientific and "home" made) has been done.
Those boxes use Arduino compatible board, the Jeenode, there are capable of transmitting measures using an Ethernet card (also compatible) to a central site for data collection and visualization.

By the way, you will find Arduino code able to decode the new Oregon Scientific "Elements" protocol.

Currently, http://www.pachube.com/is used for the central site, but I started to implement a simplified version on my site (not yet usable).

Details here : http://www.gcrnet.net/node/14


Hi GerardC,
    You may want to have a look at the Pachube library here (http://code.google.com/p/pachubelibrary/). Hope it can simplify your communication with Pachube server.


Hi GerardC,

I have the same weather station (oregon elements) and I happy to find that you manage to read the data of the sensors.

I've check your article on decoding the protocol and you talk about a generic 433Mhz receiver. Is the RPL434A (http://www.laipac.com/easy_434a_eng.htm) could read the signal or is a totally different protocol using here ?


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