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Thanks to all you guys that helped me getting my video/audio announcer going at last.

I have battled the last couple of weeks with getting queued numbers to play in the right order, it would drop some numbers, and sometimes announce one number while displaying the next.

Early on I had a prototype that didn't queue, and the SD card reader and WaveHC library was working fine, even though I can not understand half the instructions used.

I had another look at the sample sketch that I had copied to load and play from the SD card, and found
Code: [Select]
void playfile(char *name) {
  // see if the wave object is currently doing something
if (wave.isplaying) {// already playing something, so stop it!
//  wave.stop(); // stop it

Duh,   :smiley-sad-blue: I wish I had seen that a while ago !  Not exactly cryptic is it :-) 

With it commented out, everything is running wonderfully, it will faithfully display and announce up to 10 messages in the queue.

I love my Arduino again  :)   Thanks guys
45 years of editing projects with a knife and soldering iron, then I found Arduino !

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