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Topic: Connecting Addressable 12V Led strip SK6812 5050SMD RGBW to Arduino (Read 758 times) previous topic - next topic


Hi guys,

I bought addressable led strip. It requires 12V. I've got arduino nano and would like to control the strip with it.
Would it be Ok, to use separate 5V power supply to connect it to the Arduino, and separate 12V PS with Led strip and connect ground from 5V PS to ground from 12V PS and then use only one cable to control the strip (Data line connected to Arduino)?



Alternatively, power the Arduino from 12V also. BUT ONLY IF the Arduino has no other components attached which it supplies with current @5V. If that's true, there is a high danger of the Arduino's regulator overheating.


The capacitor and resistor should both be added.

Because you have only 1 chip for every 3 leds, in your sketch, you set "num leds" to 1/3rd of the actual number of leds. For example of you have 5m @60 leds per metre, that is 300 leds but only 100 chips. Set "num leds" to 100 in your sketch.

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