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I am getting better at all this Arduino stuff, but in trying to get an FTP client connected to my domain, I fall way short.

All the sample code I've seen assumes that the PI addresses will be IPV4. However, when I check mine, locally, most everything is IPV6.

Is there a way (like a new library) that allows IPV6? I've looked, but I must not know yet how to look properly, 'cause I cannot find one!

Thanks for any help.



Assuming that you're using the Ethernet Shield (you didn't specify so I assume the standard device in this forum), you cannot implement IPv6 in software (library) because the Ethernet chip (WizNet5100) doesn't support IPv6. I'm not aware of an IPv6 implementation for the Arduino world. The easiest way is to use a Yun with a Linux system on the board that should support IPv6 (although I didn't check if it's activated).

PS: FTP over IPv6 sounds a bit like using a tank to transport a knight with a sword.


Thanks for the response!

Turns out the easist solution appears to be to install a router (I now have a Comcast Modem/Router) and use IPV4 on that.

Or... I could simply use my Xfinity Hotspot which, when queried with an ipconfig, actually returns an IPV4 address!

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