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did someone know a good way to connect an electret to arduino??

i've tried differents ways that i find searching in google, but i think the difficult is the voltaje level, i would like to work with 5 v for the electret supply.

thanks. (and sorry again) 


This shows the basic audio connector, but you will need a pre amplifier to get the voltage up to 2.5v peak to peak in order to get the maximum swing into an arduino. Google for a circuit.


Hi Grumpy_Mike, thank for answer..... that's what i'm looking for, a good preamplifier or amplifier that give a good signal to arduino.

I've tried with 386 circuit, but the sensibility is too poor.


Hey Alcafuz,

I just finished writing code for using an electret with an Arduino.  I posted my code in the topic about music detection.  I use a 386 to amplify the signal first and it is just enough, more amplification would be better but would also be more expensive, so I made the code do the work.  Let me know if you have any questions about it.  Also when I was looking up specs on electret microphones most suggested low voltages around 2V so I used the 3.3V power with a resistor to power it, I don't know what my specific model mine is, it just came with a box of random electronics, but it seems to work well.


Hi everyone, thanks for answer, I'll try your suggestions and post the results.


You may try this one too which was designed and optimized for Arduino http://didier.longueville.free.fr/arduinoos/?p=1057


thanks, i will try to probe it.


You might also consider using this mems-based microphone module from sparkfun: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9868.  This module has the mic mounted and it runs from 3.3V and outputs a 1.65V signal with no audio input.  The output will range from 0V to Vdd with loud sounds so it can easily be used with the Arduino ADC.

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