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Cuando conecto mi arduino al pc todo es normal, las luces se encienden y todo bien, cuando le doy a subir el código, no lo sube y me da error, mirando en videos aparecía que había que concetarlo al puerto COM al cual no puedo conectar, la solución la vi en varios vídeos que abrían el administrador de dispositivos en el pc y les aparecía un dispositivo desconocido en otros dispositivos, con lo que agregaban los driver y listo, pero ami no me aparece el dispositivo desconocido con lo que no puedo hacer nada, alguien me pude ayudar por favor? gracias

When I connect my arduino to the pc everything is normal, the lights come on and everything is OK, when I give it to upload the code, it does not upload it and it gives me error, looking at videos it appeared that I had to connect it to the COM port which I can not connect , the solution I saw in several videos that opened the device manager on the pc and they appeared an unknown device in other devices, which added the drivers and ready, but ami I do not appear the unknown device with what I can not do Nothing, could anyone help me please? Thank you


Try using a different USB cable or test your cable on another device to verify that it works for data. You may have a charge-only or damaged USB cable.

If it's plugged into a USB 3.0 port, try using a 2.0 port instead. If you don't have one, you can use a 2.0 USB hub plugged into your 3.0 port.

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