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I am looking for a code to simply take an ID-12 RFID input and print to a 16x2 LCD.

My hardware consist of a Arduino Pro Mini 16hz 328, Innovations RFID Read ID-12 and a SparkFun 16x2 backlit lcd.

I am using Arduino IDE v.0022 on Mac OSX

I am pretty new to Arduino but am willing to learn as much as i can.

Thank you for your time!
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Suggest you go through tutorials on both subjects. Should be easy to do once you understand how to use them separately.
My 2 cents, don't buy lcd with blue or red backgrounds. The yellow or green background ones are always faster in response from my personal experience.
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Thnx for the Reply! I got it, Had to use a different sketch since im using the ID-12, but non the less i got it!
Thnx again

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