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Updates: we are really close! Everything works, we are just fixing the way invoices are made and then we should be able to release the Chrome App to the public this week.

Thanks for your patience!


We are finally live, still refining a few details but you can go ahead on https://create.arduino.cc/plans/chrome-app and get a licence for your school. Please provide any feedback opening a thread on this Forum section.



The public app seems to be working great, with one caveat:  I initially signed up about 10 students but I have gotten 2 new students so I need to add them to the plan, but I cannot find out where to go to add students to the plan or manage my subscription!  Where do I go?  I tried going into my profile page but that only allows me to change my email/password, etc.  Nothing there about my subscription.  I need to add them ASAP! 


Hi @azaubi,

You can add members via:

1) https://create.arduino.cc/plans/chrome-app
2) Log in with the same Arduino ID you signed up for plans
3) Click edit plans
4) Click add members
5) Select existing team from drop down
6) Add emails


With the educational plan, are you able to load custom libraries for use by the team?  We currently use edu.codebender and needed to load some "PS3" libraries.  I reached out to them and they said they couldn't load them.

So I'm hoping this solution allows us to load libraries for use by all the students or by team within the plan.

Jim Tinsman


yes you can use custom libraries by just importing them. You will have to do so for each of your student's laptop. Let us know if you need further guidance on that.


That helps.  I'm trying demonstrate to the school that it will work under the education plans you have.  Does it work identically for the individually plans?  If so, I'll just use that to demonstrate this is a more complete solution than the "edu.codebender.cc" they are currently using.

Also, my apologies for the cross post.



Hi Jtinsman

From the coding point of view the features are the same but with the school plan you can also manage teams of students. Everything else is the same. In the future we will add more features to the school plan.


Help....  I created an educational account, but I think I may have entered some email incorrectly.  Is there a way to view/edit student emails.  We are using ChromeBooks and cannot get the app to install for 2 of my 12 students.


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