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I am not an expert in audio circuits, I would like to play some audio with my Due.
This amp is working with SimpleAudioPlayer example: https://www.hestore.hu/prod_10038182.html?

Thanks in advance.


Sep 29, 2017, 05:09 pm Last Edit: Sep 29, 2017, 05:12 pm by DVDdoug
It should work fine.    Most power amplifiers* expect a line level signal (about 1V) and you can get that from the Due.   

Test the amplifier first by plugging it into a CD/DVD player, or the RCA audio outputs from your TV, etc.   A headphone output (from your phone or computer, etc.) will also work.     (If you have a problem, troubleshooting/debugging is a lot easier if you know the amp & speaker are working.)

A headphone output is around line-level, but you might need to crank-up the volume.   The main difference is that headphones are capable of driving lower impedance loads and headphone outputs always have a volume control...  Some line-outputs have a volume control and some don't.   Again...  That's just for pre-testing the amplifier & speaker.

* Power amplifiers are designed to drive speakers, as opposed to preamps which are designed to bring a microphone signal or phono pickup signal up to line-level.


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