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I want to make similar to this;

It is exercise VR bike. The game will be installed in android phone. And device, which communicate with the phone via bluetooth, will be attached to the wheel of a bike.

I have a game developing person.

I am looking for a electronic engineer person who can make this bluetooth device.

Before going further, may I ask you bellow;

-Who will be doing final adjustment (ex, speed), game developer or electronic engineer? I want to who should finish his/her work first.

-If a device will be attached to a pedal like bellow
Does the device become much more expensive? Basically it is a sensor to detect how fast a user cycle, no matter it is attached to wheel or pedal. Actually I like this solution better, if it would not be so expensive.

I am not a technical person, so please forgive me if I state or ask wrongly! :-)

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