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Kuya Marc

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I'm only proposing to start Arduino Workshops in Manila, Philippines, hoping to find people that would be interested. So far, since I've posted my announcement, not even one person contacted me. So, it remains a proposal. However, I am introducing Arduino to my friends and relatives, one-by-one.

Kuya Marc
I run Xubuntu Linux as my only computer operating system!
Windows does not run here; Only


kuya mark where can I buy cheap but a good quality of arduino?
I'm new in arduino, a computer promgrammer and I want to create a simple
robot. Could you tell me where can I find some site for a good tutorial
on how to programm and create a robot. By the way my name is homer.
Thanks :)


Hi! We are organizing a seminar/workshop for arduino in Tagum City, Philippines. We are inviting a speaker for the event. Pls suggest.


By the way, can you be one of the speakers for the Musikahan@ICT particularly arduino system.


I'm gonna go to Phillipines for holiday, it would be nice to meet you there.
What is man's best friend? The breadboard!


@Kuya Marc please reply!! I'm getting excited, and we are leaving for Philippines soon!!
What is man's best friend? The breadboard!


Hello yatz,
I know this post has been around for more than 3 years.
But have you found speakers/trainers for your Arduino workshops in Tagum, for the past years?
I will be coming back to Davao 1st quarter of 2017 and start conducting a series of Arduino, BeagleBone Black, and IoT workshops for students/makers/professionals.
I am Davao-born but was working in Manila and Singapore for the past 8 years.
You can drop me an message here if you are still interested: ianfellarioza@gmail.com.


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