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i need to know how to wire the Pololu Low-Voltage Dual Serial Motor Controller to my arduino properly, i have a duemilanove and a protoshield  PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP

here is the link http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/120



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spooky, I thought u had it wired up?

This is all in the pdf file in the resources section  of the page you link to.

There is a very clear diagram on page 4 of the PDF -
All the wires except Out1 and Out2 are connected to physical things.

Reading back in the manual on page 2 there is a table of pin numbers, and descriptions, and a photo of
the board.  By comparing the diagram and the photo you can see that
out1 = pin 4 = serial control input.
out2 = pin 5 = reset.

Mapping these into what you call them on the arduino is based on some background knowledge that you might not have...

The serial control input of the board, is the serial control output of the arduino, and serial output is called transmit, or Tx.

The reset control of the board, is NOT the reset of the arduino, it should be a digital output on the arduino, that you set to high to make the board work.

Good luck with it :)

And if you have more problems:   The following will help us help you.

1.a) post a picture and a diagram of the wiring of your arduino, motor board, battery and motor.
1.b) explain how your connections differ from the one on page 4 in the instructions in the pdf

2) post the code you are using in a code block (see the 3rd last button with a # ) so we can read it and copy it etc.

3.a) explain what you want the system to do
3.b) explain how the system actually behaves

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