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A lot of people in the old forums had some neat Arduino projects using the ChronoDot for situations requiring accurate timekeeping in varying conditions. However, we did get some feedback about the battery positioning; it was soldered in place on the bottom, and it wasn't that easy to source replacements. So I redesigned the ChronoDot...we just got new stock in today. It has a battery holder on the top, but remains pin compatible with the old ChronoDot. Most of them were presold to our distributors though! We'll have more available, just need to get some more batteries for them.

The chip has also been upgraded to the DS3231SN. This is rated for the industrial temperature range, -40C to +85C, instead of 0C to 70C.

Link: http://macetech.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=8

Top view:

Bottom view (yes, there's a silkscreen mistake  :smiley-roll: ):

Battery installed:

Gold-plated battery contact:
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Great to see a nice product made even better.


I note that the 'DS3231 Web Demo' Maxim site you link to has frozen on 30th August last year! You might want to prod Maxim or remove the link!
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I don't find a library to use the Alarms and interrupt of this fabulous RTC. Where I can find this code?




I found a project that could help you.  It's a datalogger project that uses the interrupt to wake up a sleeping Arduino every hour to perform its work.
Section 7 has the source code. (In the code, 'TC74' refers to the digital thermometer used).

Let us know if this is sufficient.  Looking forward to reading your project 'exhibition' page.

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