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I have a pro mini which I'm trying to connect to the USB Adaptor break out board.  I'm having problems programming (works fine with a FTDI cable connected to the pin header on the pro mini at the end of the board, but I want to use the USB breakout) the board.  I think the problem is how I am connecting the RESET pin on the pro mini to the board.  Since on the breakout cable, the green (DTR) wire looks to be the one to drive the reset to the header, I've connected the DTR line on the breakout board to RST on the pro mini.  Can't seem to get that to work.  I've crawled through the site looking for something to help, but i've been unsuccessful.  Any suggestions.


One thing I had wrong.. FTDI cable green is RTS not DTR ... From the specs on the usb adapter, it looks like DTR should trigger the auto reset, but it does not

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