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I'm looking for some people in the Toronto area who is fairly new to arduino and would like to chat about there experiences and projects. Also looking for somewere in my area to buy arduino stuff.


i live in windsor and i am a newbie with ardunio and programming , i would like to talk to like mind people to help with projects

chilliman :)



If you are in the Toronto area, then I highly recommend a visit to Creatron Inc. http://creatroninc.com/. There is not much from the world of Arduino that they seem to be missing and the proprietor is very knowledgeable.

Creatron Inc.
255 College St.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5T 1R5
Tel:    416-977-9258   
Fax:    416-977-4700


I'll take a moment to raise my hand and say that I am interested in meeting up with other Arduino fans in the Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph area.

I've managed to meet up a year or so ago, with a couple of people from the University of Waterloo however they have now graduated and moved on.


I, too, am interested in finding others to chat with and work on our Arduino challenges. I am a long drive from Toronto, but even an email list and an intent to connect when we can would be great. A smaller group based on a geographic area will give us all more 'air time' and best of all it will be free!  :)



Greetings All

I guess I'm an Old Newbee.
Just bought my first Arduino Uno last week, and I hope to get it up and running as soon as I plow through The ton of info i've read so far.
I've been a computer nut since the Timex Sinclair and Commodore Pet. The only programming I did back then was a bit of machine language and Basic. I never thought I'd have the need to learn about other languages, so I never bothered.
Now it looks like I have to get my head into C and C++ to program the Arduino.

Hopefully with the help from you guys.

Hope to chat with you all later.



Start a Arduino Meetup Group for the GTA. :)


Is there anyone interested to work on a small project ? I'm looking for someone who can help us woth our project, it will be great if he lives close to Burlington


I also live in the Toronto area and am interested in connecting with people here especially if you happen to have PCB design experience.  Meetup group sounds like a good idea!


I am fairly new to the Arduino, interested in setting up a Google Plus Circle of like minded Arduino users intered in sharing ideas, cool links and online chats about projects people are working on.



Hello Ontarians,
I am in the Niagara Falls area and have been learning a lot about Arduino over the past year or so. I also have visited Creatron several times and think the store and owners are awesome. I have managed to learn to combine sketches , and have made a couple of unique circuits that are in use at home and in a practical business application. When my circuits are tested and working the way "they should" , I have been loading the hex into stand alone 328 Atmel chips . I would like to start to make board layouts and create a few basic boards , but that is where I would need some help as I am mostly self taught . If anyone wants to chat about projects , I would be interrested . My strength is hardware ....coding and math i have to put in extra effort to follow along. I work in the commercial electronics field , and spend most of my hobby time reading and working with Arduino . IR , audio and low voltage lighting interrest me the most.



Hey everyone,
you should be coming and hanging out at Interaccess!  Each wednesday night is an open studio where you can work on projects and ask other electronics nerds how to get things working like how you want!  There is a night specific to "handmade music", and another for "wearable technology", but really, you can just come and hang out and work on projects!  Check it out: www.interaccess.org.

There are also Arduino workshops!


Hello Guys, I am in Mississauga and just bought my first Arduino. I think I know the very basics but if you guys need with any basics help I can probably help around Mississauga area. I am actually working on a project myself that I believe I can build just waiting for some parts. I will be more then happy to share that. Drop me a line if anyone interested. Thanks


That will be a nice idea to have a regular meeting place in TO somewhere. I live in TO and I buy most of my parts at Active Surplus ( Steeles ) , Sayal ( Mississauga, Vaughan, Scaraborough ),  Active Components ( Steeles & Victoria )  and A1 Electronics ( Queen Way & 427 )( All easy access with a car ) . And thank Chris Singleton for the site and a new location to buy Ardiuno related stuffs. The address 255 College St.... it is at College & Spadina ?  It the parking that I am worried about...well I can still park my car at the TTC parking lot and take the subway...

I can help too. I am just an hobbiest. My electronics came from DeVry in the mid-90 and work for 4 year has a electronic bench technician.


If you are interested in Wearable Technology you can also come to the Toronto Wearables Meetup which happens monthly at OCAD University, 205 Richmond Street West.  We get together and talk about, well, inventive ways of wearing your electronics :)

--- and yes, 255 College is at College/Spadina.  Parking is not often an issue... lots of parking on the east side of Spadina just south of College, or on side streets.

here is a link to our site, and our blurb: http://blog.ocad.ca/wordpress/socialbodylab/toronto-wearables-meetup/

The Toronto Wearables Meetup is a gathering of people interested in wearable technology, fashion, wearable electronics, soft circuits, electronic textiles, emerging materials, and other creative and innovative approaches to things that live on the body. This Meetup intended for artists, fashion designers, industrial designers, textile enthusiasts, engineers, researchers, students, and anyone interested in these emerging and intersecting fields.

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