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Sayal ( Mississauga, Vaughan, Scaraborough )

I go to Sayal, too. But, sometimes the staff isn't helpful. I asked "where can I find a temperature sensor?". The guy at the counter said "I don't know what you're talking about! Look in the ICs." There are no TMP36 in the IC section. I don't think that anyone will respond to this anymore.


I'm looking for some people in the Toronto area who is fairly new to arduino and would like to chat about there experiences and projects.

I was introduced into the world of microcontrollers about a year ago by way of my other hobby, telescope making. When it comes to telescopes, when it's not actual optics, it's mecanical and control of the mechanical. So microcontrollers are becoming very pervasive.
In any case I live in Markham, a separate city NE of Toronto. I too would appreciate meeting to exchange ideas and interests relating to Arduino and RTOS issues and techniques as it relates to real time control. I'd suggest we get together near Cretron (Spedina and College) on the UofT campus and then end up at Cretron for acquisition of some new toys. It's a great store with a very knowledgable proprietor.
If someone is energetic enough, I'd suggest a Yahoo group that caters to us in this part of the world. It would allow a more personal touch, but frankly this fourm would do if we just use the word Toronto (or something like that) as part of the Subject line.


Arduino User from Windsor Ontario   I have been using Arduino stuff for a couple years now with a background in electronics. Projects I worked on was a capacitor tester frequency counter combo, stepper motor controllers for engravers and 3D printers and assorted control circuits. Looking for others in this area to talk shop with.


Arduino hobbyist in Hamilton Ontario. Few commercially successful scientific projects on arduino.

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