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On some days I use the USB HOST Shield for Arduino, and I wondered if
was possible to connect it a USB modem internet UMTS. With a few euro could send text messages, and why not, the ability to connect to the internet.

On the web I found nothing, if not very expensive special shield GSM

You know some good links? No one has ever tried it?


I think the best solution wouold be this:

It's just 25 bucks for a GPRS (not just GSM) modem, and it's good; but it's even better, as you don't even need the usb host shield, as this device use an USB/Serial converter chip which you can directly connect to arduino serial I/O (it's the 2303 in this picture)


Unfortunately, although I bought one of these on january, 3rd, it didn't arrive yet.... I only know it left Hong Kong on january, 25th!!  :(


This is a good things to start! Even if a good driver for usb umts dongle would be great: Not all devices use the 2303!!

Thanks you!!


I know: I already bought an USB GPRS modem which externally looked just like that one (but sold with lower shipment coss)... but internally is completely different and unusable with an Arduino!  :smiley-roll:

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