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i'm building a simple midi fader box with an ATmega328 and 4051 multiplexer.The analog input goes bananas if i get close(with my hand) to the 4051 "input select" pins or their digital inputs on the ATmega. So far(since this pivture was taken) i've added a 103 capacitor between Vcc and GND on the 4051 and a 104 between AREF and GND on the ATmega.


Those pins are inputs to the 4051, so they need to be outputs of the Arduino (not inputs). I'd recommend 10k resistors on each of those pins to GND. It might be your outputs (inputs?) are floating.

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aah yes inputs..10k resistors. check.
will do after some sleep, its 3.a.m.


no sleep till brooklyn.

the 10K resistors fixed it, thanks

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