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Hi there,
I didn't really know which forum to post this on.
Is there a way of downloading the reference material rather than having it web-based.
It would be great to work on projects when not online!
Ideally I would like the advanced reference library with all working links, but a pdf would be just as helpful.
Many thanks for any advice.


Yes, it's built in to the arduino software under the Help menu.


And if you go to the playground, manual and curriculum section, you can download a complete PDF.
It is friggin HUGE tho...
http://arduino.cc/playground/Main/ManualsAndCurriculum <--there it is


Many thanks for helping the rookie! :)


There are also cell phone applications for Android phones that act as tutorials for Arduino, and some that are just handy references to C++ code for Arduino.  There is also an Arduino IDE for use on Android phones, but I have not tried it.

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