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hello, i have project to monitoring position.
i need to send coordinate data using RF 433Mhz.
the type of data is string
but i dont know how to write the code to send data

can someone help me???

thank you


1. Start by looking at the example code that may or may not be available for the hardware that you didn't tell us about.

2. Use those examples as a guide to write your own code to do what you want.

3. If the code works like you want, you're done.

4. If the code does not behave how you want, post it here with a complete description of how it behaves verses how you want it to behave.

5. People here will look at your code and make suggestions.

6. Use those suggestions to make changes in your code.

7. Go back to #3.
No technical questions via PM. They will be ignored. Post your questions in the forum so that all may learn.


I would use the 433Mhz radios you intend to use (you did not say which ones) and use some sample code to sent simple messages like "Hello World" between transmitter and receiver.

Once you have that code done you can move onto working out how to read a GPS, then how to send and receive the co-ordinates via 433Mhz radios.

You should read your first post back to yourself, do you really think there is enough information there to describe your project ?

You may know the details of your project is, we do not.
No PMs please, they dont get answered.

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