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Hi All,

I have been designing some small arduino boards for my own use, because I find it so painful to order and  solder many components every time I want to have an arduino capable board.

Here is an example of the Arduino compatible board I have designed:

It is very small and fits my needs, although a little tricky to solder by hands (but if you do QFN, you can do this as well)

I've setup a web site to see if this was interesting for anyone else, but so far it doesn't seem.

So I would like to get your honest feedback. Do you think this is of any interest for anyone?
Or am I just an oddball?

By the way, if you answer my very short survey, I'll send you a coupon for a free board (I have few of them sitting there doing nothing)
See here:https://www.kamijin.com/survey

Thanks guys (and girls)



How do you download a program to the bugger?



Hi Paul,

It is more like a component that you can use to design your own Arduino board.
see here an example:

Here is what it looks like for instance on a standard Arduino board:

I shared the schematics and gerber files here:

The small board is already loaded with the Arduino bootloader, so you add a USB connector and you are good to go.

I thought it would be useful for people who want to design their own boards.

What do you think?


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