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Hey,(Bear with me)
Long story short , I had been working on a prototype which basically includes a lot of WiFi communication(multiple devices)..I had been thinking and was pretty sure about using Arduino uno + esp8226 module to do so, but now I am totally confused , many people say that esp-01 doesn't directly work with Uno and I'll need a logic converter ,which are almost as much as arduinos themselves here , Moreover I need to submit this within 10 days for a science fair.The complications with esp-01 are too much and also there is no solid brand in India that manufactures these esp-01 of trustable quality.I dont want to make my project too complicated and thats why I am thinking of using node MCU , which is abundantly available here , I can also consider wemos d1 , but I'll prefer nodemcu if possible , but i have some doubts about it , they may seem foolish but I've gotten myself into so deep I've lost common sense(literally have 37 tabs open searching for these):

1.Will the arduino libraries and code work without any problem on NodeMcu?can they both run on the same language/code?
2.does nodemcu require a 3.3v source or is it compatible with 5v too?CAN I USE A NORMAL POWER BANK TO POWER IT?
3.will the nodemcu also work with certain sensors for arduino(HMC5883L magnetometer to be exact)

Please help


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1. Same code generally works, but many libraries do not work (if they directly interact with the AVR peripherals); in some cases there are alternative libraries designed to run on the ESP8266 w/arduino.
2. The NodeMCU development board has a 3.3v regulator on board, and so can be powered from 5v USB.
3. Yes - I think that will work with minimal modification, since the HMC5883 library uses either I2C or SPI (forget which) for which there's a compatible library version supplied with the ESP8266 core.

There's another forum dedicated to Arduino on ESP8266; you should go there for better responses. Around here, we mostly use AVRs (particularly this section)
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