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Over here they seem to close the schools now when theres little more than an inch of snow on the ground.  Health and Safety!

Don't be daft, it's nothing to do with health and safety. 
It's not worth spending money on a decent snow infrastructure to cope with the three days of snow a year we have.  Also, in an increasingly litigious society it's not worth getting sued for, safer to close.  That's not health and safety, that's idiots thinking they deserve money because ice is slippy and they ended up on their arse.


Our local schools closed because they cannot and do not want to deal with the possibility of children getting hurt - be it from slippage, or most likely, snowballs fights.

When I was a kid and there was snow all everyone wanted to do at break times was get outside and play in it - we even had snowball fights against the teachers.  Trying to wrap everyone/thing up in cotton wool today can't be good.


I'm in South Australia, a few thousand km south from where all the weather is happening.
We are finally getting some real summer here, just had a couple of days of over 40C, looks like it'll be high 20's to mid 30's for a few more days.
The main worry here is some idiot starting a fire, either accidentally or worse, on purpose.

That cyclone is headed inland now, gone from cat5 cyclone to cat3 severe storm, some places got 300mm of rain, like they needed it.
Looks like no one was hurt as far as anyone can tell.
That area took a pretty heavy hit a few years ago with cyclone larry, all the new houses were built to a higher standard.
The agricultural damage is pretty heavy, again, a lot of banana and sugar growers were just starting to get back on their feet.

We might get some rain from the storm system as it breaks up, but the Bureau of Meteorology is saying it will reach as far inland as Alice Springs, in centre of the country!


Cat5 cyclone sounds like a nasty network problem.

It's 19° here (sat in front of the fire).


They're doing a good job keeping the roads cleared tho, so we can stil get around.
More snow coming Saturday, just a couple of inches tho.
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When the City of Boston asked MIT for flamethrowers to combat the snow.

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