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i am going to buy Arduino Mega. I want to make a MIDI drum with 9 piezo sensors will be used. I have no experience in programming and electronics. All i can do is soldering. I can connect all the equipment together if someone helps me out by giving me an easy / non-engineering diagram and an easy guide.
I wanna ask first "What are the required components for the mentioned project?"
9 Piezo, Arduino Mega, what else am i missing ? Is breadboard in compulsory ?
thank in advance


Is breadboard in compulsory ?
No I would shy away from it altogether.

Google the words:-
Arduino Drum Kit

Here is what I found http://www.spikenzielabs.com/SpikenzieLabs/DrumKitKit.html

If you see the word "instructables" in the URL then avoid it, they are normally crap.

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