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Hello folks.

New here to the Arduino forums, but I've been having fun with the devices for a few months now.

My first project ended up being a combination of an Arduino device, my exercise bike, a Perl script, and VLC media player. Here's a brief demo of what my first project turned into:


My documentation, how-to, and other thoughts on the project can be found here: http://idkfa.com/ec/the-bike

I've had pretty lukewarm reception from people I've shown this, probably because it's technology that makes you work harder rather than the other way around. I understand the use of the Arduino in this case is probably overkill, but it definitely made things much easier than any alternative I researched. I'd be interested to hear what the Arduino community thought about it.

Thanks in advance, and apologies beforehand if I've violated any established formats for projects here.

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