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Hello, I am having issues with random infinite sustain. I am using an alesis v49 controller and a Yamaha reface yc. The code I am using is the YuuichiAkagawa multi device example (as it was the only example that would compile for me). All keys work perfectly however with extended playing (1min) random keys will not send the midi off message and sound indefinitely. The circuit is built correctly (220ohm resister on both 5v and tx) I am looking into adding a hex inverter into the circuit as a buffer but want to make sure the hardware and software are compatible. Oh and I'm using an Arduino mega2560 with USB shield. Please keep in mind that I am a noob sorry if there is something stupid that I am missing. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


I'm confused.  Your subject says "USB midi host" and the message says "using an Arduino mega2560 with USB shield".  So that seems to mean you are connecting by USB, right?

But you also say "circuit is built correctly (220ohm resister on both 5v and tx) I am looking into adding a hex inverter into the circuit as a buffer".  That's the way ordinary (not USB) serial MIDI works.

You mentioned specific gear and an example, but no links.  Maybe you're using this code?


Can you understand how contradictory info, lack of links & specifics makes for a lot of guesswork?


Thanks for the response, and sorry for the confusion. I am using the mega2560 and USB shield to interface a USB midi controller to output to a 5 pin DIN legacy midi terminal. As per this instructable. https://www.google.com/amp/www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-USB-to-Legacy-MIDI-Converter/%3famp_page=true 

This is the example I am using as per the instructable

I am waiting on the hex inverter to be shipped so as of yet I have not tried it.

So I am still getting the random midi off signal not being trasmitted.

Thanks again for any help on this matter.


So I installed the hex inverter as per the instructable.
No change. This leads me to believe that there is an issue with my hardware and the example loaded on the Arduino board.

Again any help would be appreciated.

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