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Hello everyone,

I'd like to make a new project:
Reading in an usb stick with .mp3 files, and playing them.
Moreover to swtich from mp3 playing to a wifi radio station.

Basically I'd like to use a nodemcu ESP8266 for this project.
This was my idea:

My questions:
Does it work?
Is the controller of the ESP8266 powerful enought to fit these requirements?
Do you have improvements for this project?

Best regards,


Hi Julian. I would use a Raspberry Pi for your project. It would be much easier and almost everything is built in for you.


ESP32, VS1053, Web radio streaming, play MP3, OGG from SD card, OLED or LCD display.


ESP8266 is a little slow when playing high bit rate MP3 (256K, 320K) web radio and using the Web interface at the same time. The ESP32 has a lot more horse power so it works much better.

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