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Topic: UTFT: SSD1963 LCD 7 inch (+XPT2046) - No red color / RGB order inverted / Rotate (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


Edit library file: UTFT\tft_drivers\ssd1963\800\initlcd.h

RGB order: check command 0x36 (Datasheet page 36; set_address_mode; bit A[3]: RGB Order)

Code: [Select]
LCD_Write_COM(0x36); //rotation ==> Change bits 1 and 0: (Try Data value: 0x22 or 0x21)
 //LCD_Write_DATA(0x2A); // BRG order
 LCD_Write_DATA(0x22); // RGB order

Red color: check command 0xB0 (Datasheet page 44; set_lcd_mode; bit A[5]: TFT panel data width)

Code: [Select]
 //LCD_Write_DATA(0x20); //TFT panel data width 24-bit (No red color)
 LCD_Write_DATA(0x00); //TFT panel data width 18-bit
 LCD_Write_DATA(0x03); //Set HDP 799
 LCD_Write_DATA(0x01); //Set VDP 479
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