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as thread name says I need help to pick a battery for my project.
I'm DIY automated camera panning head (due to gears I can disable motors while they idle).

I need to feed:
1 x D1 mini
2 x DRV8825 drivers
2 x 1.7A Nema17 Stepper Motor 17HS4417P1
1 x 0.96" I2C 128X64 OLED display
And maybe some other low power sensors.

Weight/price is not a big issue, I need good capacity battery.
My contemplation (feel free to offer entirely new battery type or configuration):
For 3,3V logic MP1584EN.
I have space to put 8 Sony VTC6 3000mAh cells (2 parallel packs with 4 cells in series in each), but if possible I prefer only 4 cells (in series).
For ptotection THIS ?

I'm not an expert in batteries, thats why I need Your help. Even I did some searching, I'm still too noob to pick best battery for my project and pick/make charging/protection circuit.

Please help, thank You in advance.

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