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Hi there

i recently purchased a keyes dat logging shield as shown in the link below.


i was having a problem reading the mpu when using this shield. It works on just the arduino, but not when connected to the shield. i contacted the company i bought it from and they said about possibly connecting the separate holes that say SDA and SCL on them to pins A4 & A5. Is this necessary to get it to work?



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i was having a problem reading the mpu when using this shield.
What mpu ? ? ? ?


mpu-6050? thats the label on the accelerometer/gyroscope combination


it comes in the arduino kit labelled mpu-6050, i dont know if it's a specific brand


After a bit of research i have found that the shield has components that use I2C and the address is 0x68. Which is the same as the mpu 6050. How would i go about changing the I2C address for the shield? thanks


@ Ross46 

You change the address of the MPU6050 sensor to 0x69 by connecting the ADO-pin to LH. Please see the following diagram.

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