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Hi there,

I recently started an Arduino based wearable project and was wondering what are the best options for partnering with scholarships or companies and obtaining their sponsorship / funding.

The project has already gotten more than 2000$ to fund the first three prototypes but I am looking for further investments.

I am a University student at the University of Waterloo.



Ask the moderator to post this thread in Gigs and Collaborations part of the forum.

Tom... :)
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He said ask to move, not cross post to Gigs and Collaborations:
I doesn't inspire confidence in your potential sponsors when you demonstrate you can't even follow a simple instruction.

Coding Badly

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Hi pert and CodingBadly,

Sorry about that mistake. I was not completely sure what that meant. Thanks for clarifying and it will not happen again! :)


Probably Explore crowdfunding  web sites
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