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so the speaker symbol is merely just a representation of the 3.5mm jack.
So it should be drawn as a box and labeled as such instead of using a symbol incorrectly. That is one of the things we don't like about Fritzing is that people just substitute symbols and make no mention of it. With a pen drawn schematic if you don't know a symbol, then you just draw a box.

The resistor should reduce the volume of the sound.
No it won't. That would only reduce the volume if the input impedance of your amplifier was in the same order of magnitude as the resistor. What you need to reduce the volume is a potential divider made with a pot or two resistors.

Also if that audio output is a PWM signal then I would put a restoration filter between the pin and the input to the amplifier. A 1K5 series resistor and a 10nF capacitor to ground should clean things up, then I would also put a capacitor from the wiper of your pot to the input of your speaker system to keep DC out of the circuit.
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