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Hi. I am new to Arduino, and I have been playing around with my Duemilanove for a couple of days now.

Today I decided to hook up the Ether Shield, but it has been giving me some trouple. I tried to load some of the examples, like webclient, webserver and chatserver, but all of them give me the same problem: It seems like the card is receiving and sending a lot of garbage data, also when I don't expect anything to be sent or received.

The problem is exactly the same as described here:


I am running Arduino 0021 on Fedora 14 64bit. If I compile and upload the same programs from Windows 7, everything seems to work fine.

However I would really prefer using my Fedora pc for the IDE.

Have anyone experienced the same problem, and are there any known solutions for it? (except for changing OS offcourse  :) )


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