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There was a thread on the old BBS (http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1201987469/10) regarding talking to a Nokia handset via F-Bus to send and receive SMS.  I have been gradually working through the details and would be happy to work with someone who can contribute to the project.  I have so far figured out the electrical connections needed to make a handset work with a Mega 2560 (http://1474orchard.ca/projects/?x=entry:entry110123-142726) and I have made a start on the software.  Right now I am interested in collaborating with a like-minded person to iron out the software issues and making a usable library.  If you have the hardware handy and are interested in helping to debug and the develop the software for this project, please give me a PM or follow up.

If you just want a working library, you will have to be patient.


I have a nokia 3330 and I'd like to have a working library :-)
I don't think to have the experience to helping in writing this library but I can test code on the 3330, if needed.
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Well, if you don't mind getting out your soldering iron, I can give you some code to try.  I am away from home right now, and am not able to make any debugging progress on my own 3395.


Hi, I have a nokia 3310 I'd like to use in my arduino toys. Do you have something working? Can I join the project?
Many thanks, Adi

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