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The answer is probably, No, but I will ask anyway.

Is there a way to reset an Arduino Yun to out-of-the-box factory settings, software and firmware?

I have several Yun and wish to get back to plain OPenWRT without any Linino Linkage.

Linino is tainted and "Toxic" in my opinion.

I want a "Known" starting point.


You can return to factory default settings: first, power up the Yun and wait for it to fully boot which takes at least one minute. Then press and hold the WLAN RST button for at least 30 seconds. It will take several minutes for the board to reset and reboot. After that, all of your user settings will be reset, and the Linux side software will be back to the original installation state, and all of your settings and modifications will be wiped out.

However, this is not necessarily the "out of box" state that you desire. It will return to the "freshly installed" state of whatever firmware image was last loaded. If you have installed new firmware, that is what you will still have. If you want to return to an earlier firmware version, you will have to go through the installation process for that version. Note that some images require updating the uboot and kernel images in addition to the file system image - you may have to go through the full reflash procedure as spelled out here.

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