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Hi Guys!

I am trying to understand if there is a way to connect two lilypad tiny or twinkle wireless.. i'm trying to making two object that one should send information to the other and the other should react in a certain way, is it possible ? The problem is that i have to do it as fast as possible and still have to order the lilypads.. Every hint would be useful!!

Thanks in advance
Bena :)


Sure, set up one with a 433MHz Transmitter, the second with a 433 MHz Receiver, use the Virtual Wire library to send and receiver a message.

A set of the units:
Also has links to VirtualWire library

Don't forget to add 17cm of simple wire for an antenna
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Thank you, CrossRoadsm you're a life sensor !

Another question to which i cannot get a definitive enough answer: can i hook a heart rate sensor to lily twinkle and a lithium battery at the same time ?

I'm a completely noob in those things and finding the right answer, or the one that i can manage to understand is harder than i thought, so sorry if the questions sound stupid..

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