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My requirements-

1.Automatic function-
  -There is a agricultural field.
  -There will be soil sensor moisture sensor and water pump.
  -When the soil is dry,the water pump will be turned on automatically.And when sufficient amount of water is received or the soil gets moist,the pump will automatically get off.Also the user will receive a sms and email about the water pump turn on and off and other   parameters.

2.Manual Function.
 -When the soil is dry,the user will receive an alert(sms+email) about dry soil.
-Then user will send an sms from his mobile to turn on the pump.
-Then when the soil gets moist,the user will again receive an alert about moist soil.
-Then user will send an sms to turn the pump off.
So the basic idea is that,in both the automatic and manual mode,the user can irrigate the agricultural field.

Both the automatic and manual function should be present in the same kit.
I will be using Arduino uno, soil moisture sensor, dc water pump, sim800L GSM Module,
I will be also using blynk app.
I want the arduino code.

Please send me the details regarding this project


Please send me the details regarding this project
That's not how this Forum works.

It is up to you to develop your project and, if you get stuck with some detail we will try to help.

If you are new to Arduino start small by monitoring and adjusting the moisture in a flower pot.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.

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