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Yes, I  have read many of them but I want to make it digital with LCD display but I need to change PWM frequency

You probably need to read up about the ATmega328 counter/timers - you only need 3 frequencies, its not clear to me if you need them all at the same time.  There are 3 timer units though so should all be doable.  Very low frequencies may be easy to code directly rather than devote a timer to.

I've a partially written guide to the timers here: http://www.mythic-beasts.com/~markt/ATmega-timers.html which might help.
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There are a lot of good ideas here, particularly regarding duty cycle and polarity tuning requirements, frequencies, and HV arc starters and how to put together the high current circuits.  Definitely worth a read.
Yes.! Duty cycle is the most important factor of any the best tig welder..


How is the progress on this?

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