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Dear genius people,
Please help me to pick some good books.

I need to learn

#Analog electronics
#Digital electronics
#Signal processiong
#Instrumentation and cotrol

Please recommend me some good books to learn about these.


I suggest:

MAKE:Electronics  * A very good place to start. Charles Platt / O'Reilly did a nice job and very visual..

Then you will know better what else you need to learn.

If you will be working with Arduino at the same time, I suggest:
Beginning Arduino* - Michael McRoberts very good book to start with Arduino.

That will give you a good start on controls and sensors.
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I suggest:
Digital Signal Processing in Power Electronics Control Circuits
Authors: Sozanski, Krzysztof read this book.A very good place to start.


#Analog electronics
#Digital electronics
#Signal processiong
#Instrumentation and control

If you want to learn all this at any depth and true understanding, its called *at least* 2 years of college level study followed by 10 years of experience.

If you just want to "talk the talk" read a book.


I agree with the  two years plus. That's alot to tackle right off the bat. IMO College these days is very overpriced, learning has changed but colleges and universities haven't.  If  you have the discipline you can get a college education via the internet. Most of the things I learned in College I never used. Self study is the way to go. I got an EE degree in '86, I don't regret it but that was a different time.


I agree with you.



Please recommend me some good books to learn about these.
Acces now!! = http://www.xtec.cat/monografics/cirel/pla_le/nile/joaquim_crisol/teaching_notes.pdf

#analog, digital, signal electronics pdf.

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